The Importance of Armed Security Guard

An armed security guard standing in from of the downtown Los Angeles skyline

Private security preventing property damage is becoming more necessary year after year in California. A highly trained armed security officer is a solid deterrent against those who might cost your business tens of thousands of dollars in damage or, worse, cause you or your employees harm.

Do you need an Armed Security Guard Los Angeles?

Whether you need a full-time or part-time armed guard service in Los Angeles, Armstrong brings many years of protective services and a wide array of security specialists to downtown Los Angeles out to the San Fernando Valley. At Armstrong, we set a high standard for training that goes far beyond the requirement of a firearm permit.

Highly Trained 

While most companies require only a high school diploma, a driver’s License, and a clean driving record. We have extensive background checks and training at Armstrong to apply for their Private Patrol Officer (PPO) or the California BSIS Guard Card. We teach de-escalation, fire watch, public safety, and patrol services training on-site.

Safety Stats You Should Keep in Mind

Here are the latest stats on 2022 crime. Security services can’t stop everyone if there is a violent situatation and the security plan doesn’t call for an armed guard. Highly trained security patrol officers, with law enforcement training especially. means you are taking every precaution.

Choosing a type of Agent

Traditional security measures may not require such measures. You might want to hire Armstrong for unarmed security for less strenuous situations like concierge access control in a corporate environment or for on-call, after-hours vehicle patrol at construction sites to protect inventory. 

We Serve at the Behest of Our Clients:

No matter the job description, we are fully staffed for any professional security job type you have in mind. Our professional staff with work closely within your budget to put an end to suspicious activity and create a positive client-facing solution for your work environment in person. emphatically especially

Finally: Move With Confidence

During your next safety meeting, It is important to choose the right security company in Los Angeles. Armstrong Guard Services is an easy choice because it feels great to feel safe under the watch of a security firm partnership. Our skilled and efficient personnel is what makes us the best choice for hiring an Armed Security Guard in Los Angeles.  Contact us so we can share our expertise with your team.