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Armstrong’s Hospitality Security Professionals meet the highest security solutions standard for ‌hotel security and the hospitality sector. In today’s hotel and tourism environment, security needs must be met with the proper security plan for peace of mind.
Hospitality security: managing security in today’s Hospitality Environments
Security risks can be minimized with physical security making strong risk assessments from parking lots to the lobby. Hospitality businesses can protect their bottom line with proper access control and a proven security strategy.

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Professionally Trained Guards

We take pride in providing the best possible training for our officers. Our security management officers meet and often exceed the security industry standards of the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

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Latest Equipment

We stay current with industry standards and the latest security equipment available to ensure quality services to our clients. Video Surveillance monitoring is a crucial part of a security system, and staying up on this equipment's strengths and weaknesses is key.

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24/7 Availability

We have 24-hour supervision. Our supervisors periodically check the posts and the security officers randomly at your location.

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State-Licensed and Fully Insured

Our Security Guards are professionally trained with state-authorized firearms and essential training to make your decision prompt and hassle-free.


Protecting the people lodging at your hotel or resort is crucial to ensuring a good stay. With everyone coming and going through your space, ensuring the guests can be safe and enjoy their stay with you is essential.

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It's all about keeping them safe and ensuring they feel safe while they're with you. This helps improve the customer experience and lets them know you care about their safety.

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Protecting the property is always something you must consider. The chances of something being damaged are high, with the public always coming and going. Security can help ensure that property isn't damaged through malicious intent or simple negligence.

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Guest Safety

People who stay at your hotel or lodge deserve to be safe with you. They deserve to enjoy the location and amenities without worrying about their security or safety. Security guards help to facilitate that kind of environment and ensure that guests remain on their best behavior.

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Situation Control

Guests coming and going create a ripe environment for security issues to propagate. Security issues can be anything from an unauthorized person to a broken lock. If you don't have security, it's possible that you don't even notice these types of problems, but with security, you're taking an active role in ensuring that issues are dealt with.

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Discourage Crime

You don't want criminal or nefarious activity in your lobby or grounds. Sometimes without security, this can be unavoidable as there's no way to deal with people behaving poorly. With security, though, you can discourage or even stop this kind of behavior.

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Quick Response

Emergencies are part of life, and it's possible that you have to deal with one during the life of your hotel or lodge. When they do strike, you want to be ready, and without security, you could be waiting for 6-10 minutes for a response. With a security team on-site, you have an immediate response.



We are specialists in providing the security services that you need to be able to focus your energy upon your business


When Armstrong Guard has a presence at your office, business or wherever else you need us to be, we want you to know that your property and assets are safe.