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Great For Places Like Campuses, Parking Lots, And Other Places With Large Public Areas.

Mobile patrols are a great way to ensure that a lot of ground is covered, and they allow smaller security teams to keep a larger area safe and secure. A mobile patrol in Los Angeles is exactly as it sounds. These are security teams that are outfitted with cars, bikes, and golf carts to carry out their duties. With this additional equipment, they can cover larger areas and service a bigger location in less time. They're great for places like campuses, parking lots, and other places with large public areas.

  • Mobile security guards are professionally trained
  • Mobile security guards can prevent crimes before they happen.
  • Mobile guards have a level of training appropriate to react to the threat posed to your business.

When Do You Need Mobile Security Patrol Services?

You may need mobile security patrol services in the following situations:

Construction Sites: Construction sites are often vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. Mobile security patrol services can provide a visible deterrent and help to prevent crime, protect equipment, and ensure that the site is secure.

Commercial Properties: Commercial properties, such as shopping centers, office buildings, and industrial sites, may benefit from mobile security patrol services to deter crime and provide added security for employees and customers.

Residential Properties: Mobile security patrol services can help to ensure the safety and security of residential properties, such as apartment buildings, gated communities, and housing developments. The presence of a security guard can help to prevent crime, provide peace of mind for residents, and enhance the overall security of the property.

Special Events: Mobile security patrol services can provide added security and protection for special events, such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events. The security guard can help to manage crowds, maintain order, and respond to any incidents or emergencies.

Temporary Outages: If your property or facility experiences a temporary outage, such as a power failure or equipment malfunction, a mobile security patrol security guard services company can help to secure the area and prevent theft or vandalism.

Need Mobile Security?

Mobile patrols are a great way to ensure that a lot of ground is covered and they allow smaller security teams to keep a larger area safe and secure

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Mobile Patrols are an outstanding option for businesses with large properties and public spaces that aren't easily walked. This step is important to be active in your security. Mobile patrols provide a great service while keeping you and your business or property safe.

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Cover Larger Areas And Service A Bigger Location In Less Time.

We understand that at the end of the day it's our guards who will be providing you the best service in the business. If our guards are not up to meeting our quality standards then you won't get the best services that we promised. This is why we have a very stringent hiring policy and extensive background checks. We only bring the best guards and best recruits on to the team.

Once we have them on the team, the next step is to make sure that our recruits are given the best training in the industry. We ensure that all of our team members meet state licensing requirements and are given 40 hours of both on the job training, and training through a class environment. This is so that we can turn the best recruits into the best guards possible. That way you can always receive outstanding service from every member of our team.


We are known for providing high-level services as we take our client’s needs under consideration, and then we put our heart and soul into bringing value to our clients. That way we are the one-stop solution for people who are looking for security services and security guards in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura County, San Diego, and San Francisco – California.

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Other Services

Whether you would like to go for our mobile patrol security services or fire watch security services, we intend to provide holistic solutions for your around the clock security needs. As a leading security company we provide a wide range of services from armed security guard to unarmed security guard services for different establishments and occasions. For more information regarding our security patrol services or other offerings, contact us now!



A mobile patrol offers quite a few things that both armed and unarmed guards do not. They're a key player in ensuring that efficiency is at the forefront. The ground that a mobile patrol can cover might, in some cases, require 3-4 other guards. Having the mobile patrol eliminates the need for those additional guards because now a single guard or guard team can cover more ground and secure a larger area. This is the primary advantage of a mobile patrol over other types of security guard services. They can operate at a higher efficiency when covering larger areas.

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Professionally Trained

Our guards are the best because we only train the best and because the best are the only ones we trust to protect you and your business. Our hiring processes are among the most rigorous in the business and at Armstrong Guard, we make sure that your security is taken care of at all times.

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Security Issues

There will always be new security issues in any location when people come and go. That's where a security guard comes in. They can monitor situations and events to check for various security threats. When they find a threat to security they can deal with it swiftly and decisively. Security threats can range from broken gates to unauthorized people entering the premises. All of this can be a threat to the safety of the people on the property.

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Discourage Crime

The other benefits are that of all security guards. They can deter crime just through their presence. Troublemakers and criminals will often go their separate ways if they see a security guard. They don't have to be actively involved to do this either, just active and seen is often enough to send criminals and troublemakers their own way, and keep everyone on their best behavior.

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Quick Response

They also provide an immediate response in the case of an emergency. When an emergency strikes seconds can matter and if you don't have security then you could be waiting for 6-10 minutes for emergency services to arrive. With a security team, you have a response on-site to render assistance or solve the crisis while emergency services are en route.


We are specialists in providing the security services that you need to be able to focus your energy upon your business


When Armstrong Guard has a presence at your office, business or wherever else you need us to be, we want you to know that your property and assets are safe.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are mobile patrol security services?

    Mobile patrol security services involve a security guard who patrols a designated area or property on foot or in a vehicle. This provides a visible deterrent and helps to prevent crime and suspicious activity.

    What are the benefits of mobile patrol security services?

    Mobile patrol security services provide a cost-effective way to increase security, as they can cover a larger area than a static guard. The presence of a mobile patrol security guard can also act as a visible deterrent to criminal activity and provide peace of mind for property owners and residents.

    What are the duties of a mobile patrol security guard?

    The duties of a guard for mobile patrol in Los Angeles include checking and monitoring the property, responding to security incidents and emergencies, performing security checks and lock-ups, reporting any suspicious activity, and maintaining a detailed record of security incidents and observations.

    How does a mobile patrol security service work?

    A mobile security patrol service is typically provided by a security company that dispatches a security guard to patrol the designated area or property. The guard may patrol on foot or in a vehicle, and will follow a predetermined route and schedule.