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Choosing The Right Security Company In Los Angeles Is Crucial, And Armstrong Guard Services Stands Out For A Number Of Reasons. With A Team Of Highly Trained Professionals Equipped With Cutting-Edge Tools, They Offer Comprehensive Security Solutions Tailored To Fit Your Specific Needs.

We Provide 24/7 Reliable & Experienced Security Guards
In Los Angeles, California

Armstrong Guard provides top-notch security guard service in Los Angeles County by focusing on hiring the best and training the best recruits in the business. As one of the best protective security services companies, We take hiring our security personnel very seriously, and we have deep background checks that help us ensure that you're getting the most highly trained professionals available.

Los Angeles Security Company

Armed Security Services in LA

• Experienced and highly trained armed security officers in Southern California
• Advanced training in conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques
• Advanced technology for real-time communication and incident reporting
• Customizable security solutions to meet the specific needs of each client
• Cost-effective packages for private security

Unarmed Security Services LA

• Professional and reliable unarmed security services in LA
• Thorough training in customer service, security protocols, and emergency response
• Customizable plans to meet the specific needs of each client
• Cost-effective security solutions to fit any budget
• Regular reports and updates to keep clients informed and in control

Mobile Patrol Services in LA County

• Seasoned and thoroughly trained security officers
• State-of-the-art technology for real-time communication and incident reporting
• Regular and frequent patrols to ensure maximum security
• Customizable security solutions to meet the specific needs of each client
• 24/7 availability to respond to emergencies and to keep clients informed and in control

Fire Watch Services in LA County

• Guard Services for commercial property and residential establishment
• Thorough training in fire safety and emergency response procedures
• Advanced technology for real-time communication and incident reporting
• Compliance with all state and federal fire safety regulations

Trained Security

We take pride in providing the best possible training for our officers. Armstrong officers also meet the standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Latest Equipment

As a leading security company in Los Angeles, we stay up to date with the current industry standards and the latest security equipment available to ensure quality services to our clients.

24/7 Availability

Our supervisors are the best among all security companies in LA as they periodically check the posts and the security officers randomly at your location.

An Unmatched Security Guard Company Los Angeles

Security is fast becoming necessary for many LA businesses and properties. Our goal at Armstrong Security Company is to provide top-quality, affordable security patrol. We understand that security is not one size fits all. So to meet the various needs of our many clients, we offer a wide variety of security services in Los Angeles.

Your free security consultation will put all security presence options on the table, which allows us to be more flexible in providing you with the best value to fit your budget. We work with you to develop a security strategy that fits your needs.

Our security experts have years of experience and can help guide you through the process so that you can get the exact security plan you deserve. This way you can be efficient while also staying safe and secure. We ensure that your needs always come first and we do everything in our power to make sure your needs are satisfied.

Security Services Los Angeles: Why Choose Armstrong Guard Services?

The city of angels deserves impeccable security, and who better than a leading Los Angeles Security Company – Armstrong Guard Services, to ensure the safety and protection of its people and properties?

The Best Security Company in Los Angeles

Choosing the best security company in Los Angeles is pivotal for your peace of mind and safety.

But, what makes a security firm stand out?

Primarily, it boils down to expertise, a solid reputation, high-tech security systems, and well-trained security personnel. Armstrong Guard Services ticks all these boxes and more. We provide unparalleled security services, making us the preferred choice for businesses and individuals, throughout the city.

1. Experience and Expertise:- With over 2 decades of experience under our belt, we are not just an ordinary security company in Los Angeles. Our extensive expertise sets us apart. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to keep you safe in this bustling metropolis. We’re up-to-date with the latest security systems, practices, and protocols to ensure your protection.

2. High-Quality Security Guards:- All our Los Angeles security guards are exceptionally trained and licensed. They exhibit a perfect blend of professionalism and friendly demeanour. So, whether you need armed or unarmed security round-the-clock for your business premises, our guards are primed for the task.

3. Trust and Authority:- We value our customers’ trust, and as one of the top security guard companies in Los Angeles, that’s not something we take lightly. Our commitment to providing the best security solutions has earned us accreditation from renowned bodies and positive reviews from our clients.

Security Companies Los Angeles


For businesses with high risk, an armed guard provides a strong response on-site and always on time. We also have patrol officers who randomly check in on our security officers as part of daily activity checks.

Security Guards Los Angeles


For security needs that are not high-risk, such as construction sites, unarmed personnel will be equally successful in preventing theft and vandalism.

Security Guard Los Angeles


Mobile Security can remove any unauthorized people from the site and help keep theft away.

Los Angeles Security Guard Companies


We take pride in being the most  professional security guard company in Los Angeles.








Your free consultation will match you with a comprehensive umbrella of services that cover anything and everything that can assure your peace of mind

The Diverse Range of Security Services in LA by Armstrong Guard Services

1. Residential Protection:- Are you in search of a firm offering top-notch residential security guard services in Los Angeles? Armstrong Guard Services has you covered. Our guards seamlessly blend into your residential environment, providing security while maintaining solitude and tranquillity.

2. Corporate Security:- In the corporate world, organizations might find themselves prone to various security threats- both internal and external. That’s where we come in. We provide a secure environment, designed to boost your staff’s productivity without worrying about their safety.

3. Construction Security:- Do you have construction projects running? Let us handle the safety aspect. We provide a team of security guards to handle security of your construction sites.


When Armstrong Guard has a presence at your office, business or wherever else you need us to be, we want you to know that your property and assets are safe.


    Our clients trust us to provide the best security services in Los Angeles.


    Security is not the same across every industry, and that's why we've learned the best practices for each of the industries we serve. We serve a wide variety of industries and have a wealth of experience providing security to each of them. We provide the best security service possible to anyone who needs it in these industries. So whether you need security at a campus, event security, or in a commercial setting, Armstrong Guard has the experience to help keep you safe and secure. You can always count on our guards to understand the needs of your industry. This way we can provide you the best service and you can rest easy knowing that your business or property is in good hands.

    Security Guard Service Los Angeles

    Do you need a robust security solution you can trust? Armstrong Guard Services, a leading security guard company in Los Angeles, is your answer. With a reputation built on quality and trust, our services are designed to give you peace of mind. What makes our services unique, you may ask?
    We're committed to providing unparalleled protection around the clock. Our 24/7 security guarantees your protection day in and day out. With a team of trained professionals, we ensure that your security needs are met at all times.


    Our Reputation Is Built on Quality and Trust

    The reputation of Armstrong Guard is upheld by the fantastic guards that render the services we provide. Without the right guards working under the Armstrong Guard umbrella, we wouldn't be able to maintain our quality standards. This is why we ensure that everyone we hire is up to the task and adheres to our core values and principals. All of our potential employees go through a rigorous background check and various other methods to ensure that they will provide top-notch services and uphold our high-quality standards.

    We didn't just find the best guards in the business. We also hire recruits who we believe will make excellent guards once they finish their training courses and meet other state requirements. We have years in the security industry and have a strong sense of what makes a recruit a good fit for Armstrong Guard and the security industry as a whole. This is how we remain the best security guard company in Los Angeles.

    Armstrong Guard Services: Your Top Security Guard Company in LA.

    When it comes to security in Los Angeles, we're at the top of our game. So, why choose us?

    • Our wealth of experience and prowess in the industry makes us the best option for your security needs.
    • We're not just a business, but a partner dedicated to your safety and well-being.
    • From residential buildings to commercial establishments, we've got all your security bases covered!

    Isn't it comforting to know that a highly rated security guard company in Los Angeles has got you covered?

    Why Los Angeles Chooses Armstrong Guard Services

    At Armstrong Guard Services, we signify trust and reliability in security services. Our reputation as an authoritative and dependable Security Guard Company in Los Angeles keeps us at the forefront of the industry.


    We are specialists in providing the security services that you need to be able to focus your energy upon your business



    Security is a necessity in a city of 4 million people. No matter your property or business keeping it safe should be a high priority. The benefits that security can provide are numerous and valuable. To keep you safe in this bustling metropolis you should consider your security needs and the benefits of hiring Armstrong Guard.

    image of the property safety icons Armstrong Guard Services

    Protect Property

    Security professionals are a great step to being active in the security of your property. Guards can patrol to help prevent vandalism and other criminal activity.

    Image of the stop icon, Armstrong Guard Services

    Deter Crime

    Often a security presence is enough to deter trouble makers and criminal activity from happening on your property. Security is about prevention, and security officers are the best prevention there is.

    Image of the sheild icon Armstrong Guard Services

    Employee Safety

    Your employees should feel safe when they come into work. Security agents are a great way to make sure those in your employees know that you care about their wellbeing.

    Image of the Clock icon, Armstrong Guard services

    Fast Response

    The fastest response you can have to an emergency is a response from on-site help. Security provides an immediate response by being on-site and ready for an emergency.

    Best Security Company in Los Angeles

    FAQs About Security Company Los Angeles

    My Business is safe. Why Do I need Security?

    Security is a lot like insurance, you might not feel like you need while things are good but when an emergency strikes you’ll be happy you have it. Security helps to prevent crime and other nefarious activities from happening in the first place.

    How Does Security Help My Business?

    Security is an important and often overlooked part of running a business. You can never be sure when your business will be targeted or when a disgruntled individual will threaten you or your employees. Security will be there for you and help prevent these incidents from ever happening in the first place.

    Should I Have Armed Or Unarmed Guards?

    It all depends on a few factors. The first is the risk that your business or property is under. If you’re at a higher risk it would be best if you had an armed guard. the second thing to consider is your budget. Unarmed guards are less expensive. The last thing to consider is the impact either type of guard might have on the customers and employees. Often it’s a positive change. Our security experts can talk to you and help you decide which option is best for you and your business or property.

    Do You Offer Spanish Speaking Guards?

    We understand that with the large concentration of Spanish speaking people in LA, you might require a bilingual guard. We do our best to hire Bilingual guards but we can’t always guarantee a bilingual guard will be assigned to you. We do everything we can to service your security needs.

    How Can I Know How Much and What Type Of Guards I Need?

    Security is a complicated business with more intricacies than people realize. That’s why we have security experts who can help guide you through the decision-making process when deciding how many and what types of security guards are the best value for your business. Give us a call and speak to one of our security experts in Los Angeles today.

    What are the qualifications required for security guards?

    All security professionals must be licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) of the California Department of Consumer Affairs. To obtain a license, officers must complete a training program, pass a criminal background check, and pass a written examination. Additionally, our recruits must also be at least 18 years of age and must have no prior criminal convictions.

    What type of equipment do security agents carry?

    The type of equipment that our agents carry can vary depending on the specific needs of each client. However, most patrol officers carry a flashlight, a radio, and a personal protective device such as pepper spray or a baton. Some security professionals may also carry firearms if they are trained and licensed to do so.

    Can security plans for my business be customized?

    Yes, security plans can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Some security companies offer a range of security services, including armed or unarmed services, static or mobile patrol services, and short-term or long-term contracts.

    How do security agents communicate with clients?

    Security officers typically communicate with clients through regular reports and updates, as well as through regular meetings and check-ins.

    Can security guards detain suspects?

    Security can detain suspects if they witness a crime being committed. However, they must comply with state and federal laws and must not use excessive force. If a guard detains a suspect, they must immediately notify the police and cooperate with any investigations or legal proceedings. Additionally, security specialist must also comply with all security procedures and protocols established by their employer and by the BSIS.

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