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Armstrong’s security solutions provide the best security services in California because we, as a company, focus on hiring the most elite guards for financial institutions and banking security needs.
We take the hiring of our guards very seriously, and we have very strict hiring processes that help us ensure that you’re getting the best-armed security guards and often with previous law enforcement/ military experience, for your bank employees and bank customers’ peace of mind.

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Professionally Trained Guards

We take pride in providing the best possible training for our bank security officers. Our officers meet and often exceed the standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services for armed security officers.

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Latest Equipment

We stay current with the current industry standards for deterrence and the latest security equipment available to ensure quality services to our clients as security professionals.

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24/7 Availability

We have 24-hour supervision. Our supervisors periodically check the posts and the security officers randomly at your location.

Our security personnel boast higher level emergency response times as prompt full-time armed guards for access control.

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State Licensed and Fully Insured

Our Security Officers are professionally trained with state-authorized firearms and essential training to make your decision prompt and hassle-free.


If you own or manage a bank branch, you understand the need for tight security throughout the operation. People are entrusting you with their money, and a lot of money exchanges hands daily, making you a target.

Bank Security You Can Trust

Proper protective services is vital for the safety of your employees and customers. If their safety is not a priority, then they will be targeted by criminals and others looking to get rich quickly and break the law in the process. Security professionals are the best solution for you if you want to take an active role in the security of your bank.



Protecting your property is a vital step to succeeding as a security manager. Security specialists are here to protect your property from both robberies and negligence from either employees or the general public. More than your property even, they protect the property of your customers and employees while they work or do business with you.

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Employee Safety

At a bank, your employees are at a unique risk, handling large amounts of money and interacting with the general public. The importance of their safety can't be overstated. Your employees should feel safe and secure when they come to work. Keeping them safe is important for keeping turnover low and keeping employees happy.

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Customer Service

The experience of your customers is an important part of running a business of any kind. Your customers should feel safe and secure when doing business with you. Having security around can not only act as an arm of customer service but help improve the customer experience overall.

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Discourage Crime

Criminal activity and troublemakers can and will target places where they believe it will be easy to get away with their behavior. If you don't have security, then you are a target. Having a guard visible helps to reduce crime just by them being there. They can also intervene if the troublemaker or criminal decides to do what they've planned.

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Quick Response

Emergencies happen, and if you don't have an onsite security team, then you're going to be stuck waiting for minutes. These are minutes that you often don't have, but when you have an onsite security team, the response can be immediate. This can make all the difference during an emergency.



We are specialists in providing the security services that you need to be able to focus your energy upon your business


When Armstrong Guard has a presence at your office, business or wherever else you need us to be, we want you to know that your property and assets are safe.