Top Notch Security Guard Services in San Diego County

San Diego Business owners- Are you wondering how to keep your establishment safe? Do you need help with event security or around-the-clock protection for your commercial property? We ensure you get the best of our security guard services in San Diego, starting with your free consultation. Armstrong brings San Diego Security Guards to immediately bring peace of mind to your community.

Unmatched Security Patrol in San Diego by Armstrong Guard Services

Are you in search of an outstanding security company in San Diego? Look no further than Armstrong Guard Services; a top-tier firm known for its exceptional security services.

Why Choose Armstrong Guard for Security Services?

Armstrong Guard is one of the best private security companies in San Diego, CA, for the following reasons:

Trained Security

We take pride in providing the best possible training for our professionals. Our officers also meet the standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Latest Equipment

We stay current with industry standards and the latest security equipment available to ensure quality services to our clients.

24/7 Availability

We have 24-hour supervision. Our supervisors periodically check the posts and the security officers randomly at your location.

Why do people opt for Armstrong Guard Services over other security companies in San Diego? The answer is simple: expertise. With years of industry knowledge and a dedicated team of security personnel, Armstrong Guard Services has become a top pick for those who expect the best in security delivered with integrity and professionalism.

As a stellar San Diego security guard company, we understand our customers' specific needs and expectations. We rise above because of our thorough understanding, apt response, and effective planning and implementation of custom security services.

Personalized Security Patrol in San Diego

The Expertise of a Security Guard San Diego:- Why does expertise matter so much in the San Diego security guard industry? As security risks evolve, so do the requirements for training, knowledge, and adaptability in the field. Read more on the skills that make Armstrong Guard Services excel in the industry.

Superior Security Patrol in San Diego Provided by Armstrong Guard Services

Feel safe and secure with Armstrong Guard Services, a leader in providing a Superior Security Patrol in San Diego. With years of experience, established authority in the security industry, and an unwavering commitment to client trust, we boast a robust offering that sets us apart.

Secure Your Peace of Mind: San Diego's Premier Security Guard Company

Are you looking for a trusted, reputable security guard company in San Diego? Look no further than Armstrong Guard Services. Renowned for providing top-notch security solutions, Armstrong Guard Services stands head and shoulders above the competition. But, why is that so? What makes them different?

Armstrong Guard- Unparalleled Service

In SD, there are a lot of different security needs that need to be met. Whether inventory on a construction site,  healthcare facilities, or even patrol services for gated communities, We recognize the needs of businesses and property owners in our community. We’ve set out to provide a wide range of services to meet your needs.

One of our security team experts can help you explore what service or combination of security solutions would provide you with the best value.

Image of the Armed Security Guards Services , Armstrong Security Guard Company Los Angeles


An armed guard provides a strong professional response for businesses with high risk.

Image of the security guard on phone, Armstrong Security Guard Company Los Angeles


Unarmed personnel will be equally successful in preventing theft and vandalism for businesses not high-risk.

Image of the Mobile patrol security ladies, Armstrong Security Guard Company Los Angeles


Mobile Security can remove any unauthorized people from the site, and it can help keep theft away.


When Armstrong Guard has a presence at your office, business or wherever else you need us to be, we want you to know that your property and assets are safe.


    All of our clients trust Armstrong Guard to provide them with outstanding service, and top quality guards.


    Armstrong Guard Services: A Trusted Security Company in San Diego

    Every industry has its unique set of security challenges. Whether you run a retail store, a construction site, or an office space, having a reliable security strategy is a must. That is where Armstrong Guard Services, an established security company in San Diego, steps in, offering dynamic security solutions tailored to the specific needs of various industries.
    Security isn't cut and dry; often, unique quirks in each industry must be accounted for to provide proper security to the business or property in question. For instance, executive protection services may require on-site access control 24 hours daily. In contrast, a commercial property may already have video surveillance and a robust security system that requires minimal mobile patrol.
    At Armstrong Guard, we've taken the time to learn how best to guard a wide variety of businesses and properties. Our guards are trained to operate inside these locations to provide adequate security.
    You can rest easy knowing that the guards assigned to you are aware of the needs of your industry and how best to keep you safe and secure. When you work with Armstrong Guard, you know you're getting the best security in Southern California.
    In the competitive landscape of security guard companies in San Diego, why should you trust us? Our expertise spans over several years and is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of intricate security landscapes. We adapt, evolve, and implement, ensuring we stay relevant in preserving your peace of mind.
    The bottom line? At Armstrong Guard Services, we serve with a blend of experience, authority, and trust. In a world where safety is paramount, make us your trusted security partner.

    Image of the Security Guard In San Diego, Armstrong Security Guard Company In San Diego


    Our Reputation Is Built on Quality and Trust

    Building trust and peace of mind is our top priority at Armstrong Guard. Getting quality security needs met on budget is what we do best. With that solid foundation, we can provide our customers with the best services and the highest value.
    Each team member is hand-selected by our law enforcement experts and management. Our guards are highly trained and among the best guards in the business. We always ensure that each of our guards lives up to our quality standards and works towards cultivating a relationship of trust. We only hire and train the best to help make sure that you always have the best guards servicing you and your property at all times.


    Our clients trust us to provide the best security services in SD and be the best protection company. Don't just take our word for it. Here's what our clients are saying.


    Benefits of a Quality Security Plan

    There is no city in which you don't need security. San Diego is no exception to this rule. Safety and peace of mind require more than most people think, and there are added benefits that you might not have considered. You can take advantage of these benefits by having a security officer present.

    image of the property safety icons Armstrong Guard Services

    Protect Your Property

    Protect the property from vandalism and other troublemakers who might want to cause you or your business harm or loss is avoided with a visual deterrent like a security officer on site.

    Image of the stop icon, Armstrong Guard Services

    Deters Crime

    Deterring criminals from ever causing trouble for your business or property is vital to a protecting your bottom line. Having a guard on the premises is often enough to deter would-be criminals and troublemakers.

    Image of the sheild icon Armstrong Guard Services

    Employee Safety

    The workplace is somewhere that should be safe for all of your employees. Ensuring the safety of your employees is a vital part of operating a business, and our guards are among the best methods of doing so.

    Image of the Clock icon, Armstrong Guard services

    Fast Response

    In an emergency, you need an immediate response. You might not be able to wait for emergency services. On-site Guards are the best way to ensure that you have a direct response to an emergency.

    Armstrong Guard is renowned as one of the top security companies in Southern California due to its unparalleled attention to detail. As a pioneer of security services, we understand every establishment is unique, and every client has unique requirements for a security plan. 


    To meet and exceed the individual demands of our clients, we offer a wide range of services ranging from:






    Searching for something else, or need more information about our services? Contact us today for a free quote on protection services; we have years of experience handling commercial security, hospitality security, and much more. 

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    image of the security guard from Armstrong Guard Services,Security Guard Services Los Angeles

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of security services do you provide?

    As one of the leading security companies in Southern California, Armstrong Security provides a wide range of security services, including unarmed and armed  guards, mobile patrol services, fire watch security, and more.

    How can hiring a security benefit my business?

    Hiring security services can benefit your business in several ways. First and foremost, it can help deter criminal activity and ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and property. Additionally, having security on site can help improve customer confidence, reduce liability, and provide peace of mind.

    Are your security officers trained and licensed in accordance with California state regulations?

    Yes, all of our security officers are fully licensed and trained in accordance with California state regulations. They undergo extensive background checks and training before being assigned to a client’s location.

    Can you provide armed security for high-risk situations?

    Yes, we can provide armed security for high-risk situations. Our armed security professionals are highly trained and licensed to carry firearms in accordance with California state regulations.

    How does Armstrong ensure the safety and security of clients and their property?

    We ensure the safety and security of our clients and their property by providing highly trained and experienced security officers who are equipped with the latest security technologies and tools. We also conduct regular site assessments, implement customized security plans, and maintain open communication with our clients to ensure their needs are being met. Our priority is to provide a safe and secure environment to our clients and their assets.

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