Know the Different Types of Private Security Officers Provided by Professional Firms

The security guard needs are growing day by day, and the professional firms are offering different types of security officers for the diverse needs and requirements of the clients. People get to choose amongst the armed, unarmed, Firewatch guards and other such officers from the private security guard service providers. As the demand for security guards is increasing, the statistics tell that over 24% of global security officer workforce is in the United States only. 

In this article, you will know about the details associated with the duties of these three types of security officers.

Team of Unarmed Security Guards or Officers

The residential security guard services are usually assigned with unarmed security officers for medium-profile clients. Do not worry, as if they do not have a gun with them; it does not make them less capable of handling the worst situations. The jobs where the threat-level is low, unarmed and trained security guards can do the needful.

Some of the common jobs that the unarmed security officers are assigned to do are entry control, patrolling, surveillance, theft prevention, and others. These are some of the common requests that clients come up with for their need of residential security guard services.

Team of Armed Security Guards or Officers

Armed security guards resemble guards with guns. They also carry other lethal weapons other than just guns to control adverse situations. High-threat jobs often demand and require armed security officers. They can help prevent violence and protect the valuables at all costs.

The security guards hired by the professionals for this job are usually ex-military officers. Due to their expertise in weapons, they are entitled to armed security officers. All the officers who are signed under the armed security guard services possess state-mandated certification for using firearms along with other security training certification.

The armed security guards are mostly recommended for high profile concerts, conferences, construction sites, political meetings, and a lot more. Therefore, if you are organizing a confidential meeting or big event, then make sure you hire professional security guard services to hire armed guards for the overall protection of your premises.

Team of Firewatch Security Guards

Firewatch security guards are trained with effective skills to identify the fire risks around the work or event premises. All the security officers under this category are skilled specifically for handling normal or worst fire situations. They possess the right tools to help people exit the premises within time and control the fire with possible measures until everyone reaches to safety.

If the fire situation is beyond the control of the Firewatch guards, then they will call the fire department and, in the meanwhile, assist the people in the premises to escape safely.

These are the three essentials security guard services offered by professional service providers in South California. If you are looking for a reputed private security guard firm, Armstrong Guard Private Security can meet your needs and requirements. They offer armed, unarmed, Firewatch, and even mobile security services at affordable rates.